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Crown and Bridge

Cash Price Only - Medical Aid Patients charged at 100% of scheme rate.

  • 45 min
  • R4700 per Crown
  • Ubuntu Dental

Service Description

A radiant smile not only boosts confidence but also reflects good oral health. Dental issues such as decay, fractures, or missing teeth can compromise both aesthetics and functionality. This is where dental crowns and bridges play a pivotal role, offering a range of benefits that go beyond mere cosmetic enhancement. Dental crowns, often referred to as caps, are custom-fitted covers that encase damaged or weakened teeth. They provide strength, protection, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Crowns are invaluable in restoring teeth after procedures like root canals or addressing extensive decay. Beyond their structural role, crowns enhance the overall look of the smile, seamlessly blending with natural teeth. Bridges, on the other hand, are instrumental in replacing missing teeth. These prosthetic devices consist of artificial teeth anchored by crowns on adjacent healthy teeth. Beyond filling gaps and preventing the shifting of surrounding teeth, bridges restore proper biting and chewing functions. This not only aids in digestion but also maintains facial structure and prevents the sagging that can occur with tooth loss. One of the significant benefits of crowns and bridges is the restoration of oral health and function, promoting overall well-being. Beyond the obvious cosmetic improvements, these dental interventions contribute to a more comfortable and confident daily life. If you're considering enhancing your smile, consulting with a dental professional to explore the personalized benefits of crowns and bridges is a crucial first step toward achieving optimal oral health and a beaming, confident smile.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or re-schedule, please contact us the day before the appointment is due.

Contact Details

  • Middestad, Charl Malan Street, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa

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